Gloucester Services Southbound on M5 to open next month

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Written by:   | Posted 02-April-2015 8:43

Gloucester Services Southbound on M5 to open next month

Gloucester Services Southbound on the M5 will open its doors to the public for the first time next month.

The opening, on Tuesday, May 19, follows the launch of the northbound services in 2014.

Located near Brookthorpe, the services have already won national and local awards and were recently given five stars by VisitEngland Motorway Service Area Quality Scheme.

Dedicated to local food, farming and the surrounding community, the £40 million services features a farmshop stocked with locally produced food, a butchery stocked with Gloucestershire meat and a café serving homemade dishes created from locally sourced produce every day.

Gloucester Services work with more than 200 local suppliers from across the South West, 130 of them within 30 miles of the services.

The southbound services will see the addition of a patisserie and the UK’s first fishmonger on the motorway network.

Mark Chamberlain, operations manager at Gloucester Services, said: “It’s a very exciting time for us - we’re thrilled about the additional services we’ll be providing for southbound traffic and our team of staff will have doubled by the time we open our doors on southbound.”

Alongside specialist roles including butchers, bakers and chefs, Gloucester Services are recruiting 150 staff, including team members and team leaders across catering and retail.

A “no appointment” recruitment open day will be held next Wednesday at the northbound services.

Gloucester Services is the sister project Tebay Services, based in Cumbria.

Both sites are owned and operated by Westmorland Family.

The services were created in partnership with the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, a social regeneration charity.

Once completed, the £40 million project will employ 300 people in the local area and redistribute an estimated £10 million over 20 years back into local Gloucestershire charitable community projects.

Photo caption: Gloucester Services Northbound, which opened last year.


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