Petition to save Tailor of Gloucester clock in Eastgate Shopping Centre is 'too little too late'

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Written by:   | Posted 03-October-2013 8:04

It looks as though time is running out for the Tailor of Gloucester clock in The Eastgate shopping centre.

The mechanical mice have entertained children for donkey’s years but centre bosses feel it no longer fits in with the centre’s new look.

Now an online petition has been started in a bid to save the clock, which is being donated to the Pied Piper Appeal.

Sarah Goodfield, 23, from Minchinhampton, started the petition. At the time of going to press it had more than 140 signatures.

She said: "Finding out this news saddened me, I spent my childhood loving the clock, every hour I had to go back to watch it.

"It’s not about modernising Gloucester, it’s historic, something as famous as Beatrix Potter. Gloucester should be proud. Gloucester just won’t be the same."

Laura Gough, one of the people to sign the petition said she was "so disappointed".

She said: "The clock is a massive part of past, present and future children’s memories of growing up in Gloucester."

Vicki Davis said: "It’s part of Gloucester and should stay. My grandparents and parents took me to watch the clock and I want to do the same for my children."

And Karen Babbage added: "How can we even consider getting rid of the Tailor of Gloucester? What about keeping the children happy? Keep the Tailor of Gloucester clock in-situ."

But it seems the clock’s days are numbered despite the petition.

Jason Robinson, centre manager of the Eastgate, said: "It was a tough decision but we feel by donating it to  Pied Piper it has found a perfect new home which will bring joy to thousands of children from across the county."

Wendy Fabian, from  Pied Piper, said: "We will use it in a prominent position to cheer up and provide a talking point for sick and disabled children in the county and hope to have it in situ by Christmas."

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