Curtain ready to rise at Gloucester Quays’ new Cineworld 10-screen digital cinema

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Written by:   | Posted 03-December-2013 11:09

Curtain ready to rise at Gloucester Quays’ new Cineworld 10-screen digital cinema

Taking a tour of Gloucester’s plush new cinema, you can not but fail to admire the stadium seating, wide leg room and the amazing technology that has brought the future of film to the Quays.

Gone are the days of seeing the backs of people’s heads and rows of people having to stand up to make way for someone heading to the toilet.

Gloucester Quays’ new 10-screen digital Cineworld cinema has arrived – and it opens to the public on Friday morning.

In contrast, the 23-year-old, six-screen cinema with sloped seating at the Peel Centre will show its last film on Thursday evening. The seating will then be removed and sent to a new home within days of the doors closing for the last time.

The replacement cinema boasts 1,661 seats, six screens with 3D capability and it even has three screens with satellites that can be used to beam live performances from the National Theatre, the Met Opera and even music concerts and football matches right into the auditorium.

Everything, right down to the wide corridors with mood lighting and film posters and the bright, colourful refreshments area looks stunning.

Firms can even hire out the screening rooms for conferences or private parties.

Regional manager Jon Perry said: "It doesn’t matter if you are 6ft 5in, your head won’t get in the way and people will be able to walk past you to go to the toilet without you getting up.

"It is a much more comfortable experience all round."

The cinema will kick off with screenings of Frozen, the new Disney film, quickly followed by The Hobbit on December 13.

General manager Amanda Keil, who has transferred from the old cinema, has brought some 30 staff with her – and has taken on around 15 new workers. She said: "Everyone is really excited to be at the start of something new.

"It is going to be a lot busier than the old cinema as we have more screens so we can show many more films."

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