VegfestUK Bristol festival attracts 20,000 people

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Written by:   | Posted 05-June-2013 9:50

Two in every three meat eaters who attended VegfestUK Bristol said they would probably change their diet as a result of attending the event.

A survey has revealed that 71 per cent of the meat and fish eaters who attended the three-day event in the city, which attracted 20,000 visitors between May 24 and 26, said the festival would influence their dietary decision making in the future.

One third of vegetarians at the event indicated they were likely to change to a completely plant based diet.

VegfestUK brought together a diverse range of producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and caterers of plant-based vegetarian foods, together with campaigning organisations and charities, talks, cookery demos, workshops and cinema all highlighting the benefits of a plant based diet.

Organiser Tim Barford was delighted by the turn out at the festival in Harbourside and even more delighted by people’s response to the event.

He said: “The daytime show attracted as many people as last year, which was our record year, so I’m more than happy with the turn out. But what pleases me more is that VegfestUK is doing what I set it up to do – to get people thinking about what they eat, showing them different options and letting them sample and taste what’s available, and making up their own minds about what they eat. And from all this a large proportion of them are seriously thinking about changing their diets.”

“For instance around 1 in 3 of our visitors were meat or fish eaters, and a huge 7 out of 10 said they were likely to change their diet as a result of attending VegfestUK. Almost a third of them said they were likely to reduce the amount of meat they ate, and almost a half said they were likely to incorporate more plant-based options into their diet.”

“And vegetarians were also indicating that they were likely to change too, as a result of what they saw and experienced. Around a quarter of our visitors were vegetarian, and 3 in 5 are likely to change their diet, with 1 in 3 likely to adopt a completely plant-based vegan diet.”

According to the Food Standards Agency’s Public Attitudes to Food survey carried out in 2009, about three per cent of UK residents are vegetarian.

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