Amanda Kerin - 'My burnout led me to new career supporting business women'

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Written by:   | Posted 05-November-2014 11:20

Amanda Kerin - 'My burnout led me to new career supporting business women'

After more than a decade pursuing a successful career in broadcast production and event management, Amanda Kerin hit the wall. She experienced an unexpected and debilitating period of what she calls “burnout” in 2012.

Now she is using her experience to encourage ambitious women in business to nurture more than just their careers.

Through her recovery she developed the concept for a series of events designed to support women in a new way of working and thinking.

She said: “Businesswomen today have so little ‘switch off’ time. In this digital world it has become the norm to be permanently on call in high pressure roles.

“If we find it tough, there’s a tendency to think it must be our own fault, ignore it and just keep on going.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of blindly chasing career goals without staying true to your own personal aspirations, but by doing so you risk jeopardising your emotional and physical wellbeing.

“I learnt the hard way, and I want to prevent women from making the same mistakes as I did. Inspiring Women Live! is designed to help women realise their own needs for work/life balance, giving them the courage to say ‘no’, whilst still supporting them to be successful.”

The event invites working women from every field of business to meet every two months, to network and hear from two speakers who share their personal and professional journeys to success.

The focus is on sharing and learning in an ego-free environment, the events encourage women to regularly refocus career goals, and warns against the dangers of sacrificing personal development.

It launched in May this year, regularly attracting around 50 people and in 2015, Amanda is looking to roll out an idea of organising bespoke retreats, in particular for staff teams whose employers are looking to develop the professional and personal wellbeing of their workforce.

She said: “We’ve received such a fantastic response in our first six months that we’re already developing the next stage of the business, exploring what our approach can offer professionals around the country, as well as employers looking to ensure they have a healthy and happy workforce that will be most productive, with reduced risk of costs to cover stress related sick leave.”

The next Inspiring Women Live! event takes place on Thursday, November 13, at the Pavillion, Hanover Quay.

It features guest speakers Bray Leino’s learning director Stephanie Morgan, discussing how women should pursue board appointments, and Karen Lowe, image consultant and personal stylist, talking about how the clothes we wear can have a positive or negative impact on how we feel about ourselves.


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