Brain surgeons work with latest in robotics courtesy of Gloucestershire engineering business Renishaw

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Written by:   | Posted 09-April-2015 7:32

A robotic system for neurosurgery produced by a Swiss-based subsidiary of Gloucestershire-based engineering firm Renishaw is in use at an American hospital.

The NeuroMate frameless Gen II stereotactic robotic system has been installed in the neurosurgery department of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

It is the first installation of the system in the United States.

Two surgeons at the hospital have performed the first implant operation using the robotic system for an epilepsy sufferer.

One of them, Professor Ashwini D Sharan MD, director of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College department of neurological surgery, said: “The newly acquired NeuroMate system will provide me and my team with a platform for a broad range of stereotactic neurosurgical procedures.

“We are pleased to have a NeuroMate at our centre, as we believe that this is only the beginning of an exciting future for robotics in the neurosurgery operating room.”

Dr Abed Hammoud, chief executive of Renishaw Mayfield SA, based in Nyon in Switzerland, said: “This installation confirms the trust of a leading US neurosurgical centre in the NeuroMate system and in Renishaw.

“Our clinical and technical support teams will work closely with the neurosurgery team at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to ensure the seamless integration of the NeuroMate into its surgical workflow, thus aiding surgeons to provide optimal outcomes for their patients.”

The NeuroMate stereotactic robot enables a broad range of functional neurosurgical procedures to be carried out.

It has been used in thousands of electrode implantation procedures, including for deep brain stimulation, as well as applications in neuroendoscopy, biopsy and many other research applications.

As part of its commitment to grow its presence in the neurosurgical market, Renishaw acquired a 75 per cent stake in Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate AG, based in Switzerland, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate Sarl, a leading manufacturer of surgical robots for neurosurgery, based in Lyon, France, in 2008.

The NeuroMate image-guided surgical robot was developed and manufactured by an expert team in Silicon Valley, USA, and Lyon.

At the time of the acquisition of Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate’s Swiss and French operations Sir David McMurtry, Renishaw’s chairman and chief executive, said: “This investment is an important step for Renishaw, Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate and surgical robotics more generally.

“The combination of the pre-eminent stereotactic robot and the portfolio of neurological products that Renishaw is developing based on its precision engineering capabilities, will provide the neurosurgeon with the tools necessary for precise placement of current and next generation therapeutic delivery devices.”

A pioneer in the field of neurosurgical robotics, the Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate group had extensive expertise in providing robotics-based solutions for many surgical procedures that required high precision for the best outcomes for patients.

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