Where are they now?: Former England and Bath rugby player Jonathan Webb

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Written by:   | Posted 11-September-2013 8:33

When Jonathan Webb’s patients come to him with sports injuries, they can be assured he understands how they feel – because he was an international sportsman.

Jonathan played rugby for Bristol, Bath and England until he retired in 1993 when the game was on the cusp of turning professional.

“I didn’t think I would be able to carry on doing both. “By that stage in 1993 I had two kids, was a registrar, living in Bristol, working in Switzerland and the time required for rugby was growing.

“It used to be all done on evenings and weekends but that was changing.  “When I first started playing for England we would meet on Thursday lunchtime for a weekend international, by the time I left it was Wednesday morning. “I would run out of holiday very early in the year.”

Jonathan, 50, who lives in Abbots Leigh, is amalgamating his clinic specialising in knee surgery with the Nuffield’s new Chesterfield Hospital in Clifton, which opens next month. He said the move would give him the chance to offer first class patient care with the most up-to-date facilities and equipment.

“I’m very passionate about utilising the latest day-stay techniques to ensure fast patient recovery and rehabilitation,” he said.

“The fact that the Chesterfield Hospital will champion minimally invasive surgery and offer five star patient care makes us the perfect fit.”

Turning back to his sporting past, Jonathan, who played 33 tests for England, said: “It helps break the ice. People love reminiscing. “Although it sometimes makes the consultations a bit longer than they should be – we spend a bit of time chatting about their knee and a bit of time reminiscing.”

Jonathan is proud to have cared for three Olympic gold medallists – whom he would not name due to patient confidentiality.

But he said his time as a fullback helped most when treating keen sporting amateurs, who were not always taken as seriously as professional athletes.

“I know how important it is to them,” he said. Jonathan, who has four children and has been married for 25 years, is proud that he was able to balance his medical career and playing rugby for so long. “At the time it was incredibly hard work but the rewards were fantastic too,” he said.

Jonathan Webb played 33 tests for England, including the World Cup final against Australia in 1991, in which he scored two penalties. He scored 296 points for his country in total. He played for Bristol from 1984-1990 then Bath from 1990-1993.

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