Construction gathering pace at new Gloucester Services on M5

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Written by:   | Posted 12-August-2013 11:34

Construction gathering pace at new Gloucester Services on M5

Multi-million pound services on the M5 are rapidly taking shape.

The slip roads for the new service area between junctions 11a and 12 will be completed this month, while construction of the main building continues to gather pace.

The first half of the £40million Gloucester Services is on course to open next year.

Developers promise the site will create around 300 new jobs and a considerable boost to the local economy by selling local produce, arts and crafts, with a percentage of profits handed out to local voluntary groups.

The first half of the development is being overseen by leading architecture and design practice the Frank Whittle Partnership.

Once construction has completed on the north side of the M5, attentions will then turn to work on the southbound section.

Kate Shuttleworth, partner at architects FWP, said: “It really is great to see the Gloucester Services project becoming a reality.”

Once finished, the service station will be breaking new ground in roadside refreshment as the first in the UK to be run in partnership with the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust charity.

The charity stands to gain around £10million over 20 years to spend on local community initiatives.

The trust was formed in 2007 bringing together a group of leading local business people and social entrepreneurs.

It secured its charitable status in 2011 and aims to create sustainable income for charities in the county.

Graham Smith, who lives near the new services, said completion of the development will be eagerly awaited by jobseekers in the area.

“Any new development that attracts new business and employment must be seen as a good thing,” he said.

“It’s too early to say how it will directly affect people.

“But it is good to see business and charity working together to bring new ideas to this area.”

Pictured: The main building of the new services is taking shape along the side of the northbound M5.

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