Big interview: Chris Morling, founder of fast-growing Gloucestershire business

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Written by:   | Posted 13-August-2014 8:00

Big interview: Chris Morling, founder of fast-growing Gloucestershire business

Since his business started trading on his 31st birthday, Chris Morling has not looked back, and now he has his eyes firmly on the future with the major rebrand of his price comparison website.

Mr Morling, founder of and its parent company Dot Zinc Limited, aims to push the Cirencester-headquartered site up the pecking order as he takes on the “big boys” with a brand overhaul and advertising campaign.

The six-year-old company, which has an annual turnover of more than £16 million, is the fifth biggest comparison site in the UK behind market giants including and

The new website was revealed at the end of July, with a national TV commercial launched this month.

Mr Morling, 44, said there had been a change in mindset at the business, where he is also managing director, five years ago.

He said: “Up until that time the company was always doing well – it was profitable from the second month. I was always happy being a second-tier player. But then I didn’t feel it had to be in the second-tier. I thought we could compete with the biggest players if we were a bit cleverer about what we did.

“Other sites all have a minimum of about 200 staff. I believe we can catch them and take over them with a fraction of the staff. I don’t believe the answer is the head count.”

Chris said most of the website’s three million visitors a month were taken there through indirect search engine results and his aim the coming months was for more to search for the site directly.

“I’m so pleased with what we’ve managed to create in terms of (the website’s) functionality for users. It’s not just a re-brand, we have new functions, including the introduction of calculators.” employs 33 staff, including 27 at company headquarters The Castle on Cecily Hill. This includes eight web developers, a large content team, which deals with all data on the website and blogs, and a marketing team. There are also sales staff based at the business’s London office on Fleet Street.

Chris chose The Castle as he wanted to be based in the centre of Cirencester. The company has three floors there including a basement where staff can enjoy exclusive use of a gym and a games room with a pool table and table football, which used to be owned by Robert Downey Jr – he has the letter of authentication to prove it. There is also a lounge, which is used for casual meetings, with a TV, iPads and a drinks fridge.

Chris, who ran his business single-handedly for two years, said his employees were his main focus.

“If you look after your staff, everything else follows. I always vowed before I set up the business that if I employed someone, I would treat them as I would like to be treated.”

He said developers were the hardest roles to fill due to high demand for their skills.

Mr Morling started his career with Hoskyns (now Capgemini), working on IT systems for a range of clients.

He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2001 as he developed an interest in building websites. He went on to set up and Dot Zinc Limited was born. In 2003, he went on to launch and in 2008, he developed the brand.

Chris lives five minutes from his Cirencester office with his wife and three children.

Pictured: (Top) Staff in the lounge area at's Cirencester headquarters and (below) managing director Chris Morling, front, with senior management, from the left, Hannah Maundrell, Joe Francis, Joonas Uiljanen, Edward Newnam and Nathan Barnett.

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