Chinese business owners visit Gloucestershire to discuss investment deals

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Written by:   | Posted 14-May-2014 12:16

Chinese business owners visit Gloucestershire to discuss investment deals

PICTURES: Business owners from China for the first time met with Gloucestershire firms this week to discuss potential investment deals within the Tiger economy.

A ten-strong delegation of company owners and decision-makers from the Shandong Province was introduced to county firms at North Warehouse at Gloucester's docks.

The meeting was organised by Chalford-based company Join in China with support from Gloucester City Council and Marketing Gloucester.

It is the first time Chinese company owners have visited the county in this format to meet with counterparts here.

Among county companies taking part in the event were Gloucester-based cylinder and valve engineering technology company Helipebs Controls and Chalford-based electronic design and manufacturing business Heber.

Geoff Davies, managing director at Helipebs Controls, said the meeting was a “good stepping stone” for partnerships in China.

“We already export to that part of China and we want to expand on that,” he said. “We’re looking to visit China in the next 12 months.”

Gloucester Mayor Chris Chatterton hosted the proceedings with Jason Smith, chief executive of Marketing Gloucester.

Mr Smith said the meeting had brought potential benefits for firms in the engineering and technology sectors.

“There were many potential synergies between the local and Chinese businesses,” he said. “It was an excellent opportunity for Gloucester-based businesses from the high performance engineering and technology sectors. Gloucestershire has a proud history in these sectors and it is fantastic to see that legacy is being built upon in a drive for exports.”

A presentation of Gloucester’s key industry sectors took place to show economic developments in the city, plus a short talk on Gloucester’s heritage and growth in its tourism industry.

Qing Ling, of Join In China, said the event was a milestone for the county.

“The Shandong delegation was very impressed with the hospitality shown by the Mayor of Gloucester and the organisation by Marketing Gloucester,” she said.

“This is the first time that we have brought owners and decision makers from Chinese companies to meet their Gloucestershire counterparts. “Culturally, this is difficult to achieve with Chinese companies so I am very pleased for everyone who took part today we were able to arrange this.”

Shandong, on the eastern edge of the North China Plain, is one of the top manufacturing provinces in China.

China is expected to become the second consumer market in the world by 2015.

Pictured: Gloucester Mayor Chris Chatterton, Join in China, Gloucester City Council and Marketing Gloucester, entertain local business leaders and Chinese delegates in the Mayor's Parlour in North Warehouse, Gloucester.

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