Founder of new business Entrelancer uses Bristol and Bath support to grow and target entrepreneurs

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Written by:   | Posted 16-January-2014 9:34

An entrepreneur is seeking collaborators for his new venture Entrelancer, a ground-breaking, web- based company aimed at solving the funding crisis for start-up companies.

The new business, set up by 36-year-old John Rees, is aimed at entrepreneur owners of new businesses who lack the start-up capital to pay the fees for the required products or services.

The innovative aspect of Entrelancer is its method of growing new businesses out of ideas – a collaboration-based approach where everyone involved shares the risks and profits.

Mr Rees aims to validate this innovative business model by building Entrelancer under the very method that it promotes.

So the first live listing on the platform is an invitation for people to collaborate with the build of Entrelancer.

He said: “Entrelancer is a business based around facilitating collaboration.

“My vision is to help a greater number of businesses to get started and achieve growth, by reducing their dependency on capital during the early stages. The main reason start-ups fail is due to a lack of funding. Entrelancer addresses this by reducing the dependency on funding.

“The unique aspect of the business is that it enables entrepreneurs and SMEs to quickly find freelancers that are willing to work on a profit-share arrangement basis, and facilitates a standardised profit-sharing legal contract between the parties.

“In today’s world of dysfunctional banks, start-up businesses will likely be trying to bootstrap the business through the very early stages; initially relying on their own funds or those of friends and family to reach the stage where the business becomes investment ready.

“There are many good business ideas that never get off the ground, either due to a lack of funding or a lack of relevant skills. Promoting the idea to the crowd of freelancers and engaging them in a profit-sharing framework solves both of these problems.

“I also think it is a good way for UK freelancers to compete globally. While we may not be able to beat competitors on price, a willingness to collaborate and share risk will add a competitive edge.”

Entrelancer is part-funded by Innovation Vouchers and Mr Rees is using researchers from the University of the West of England to determine the specifics of the contracts that Entrelancer will facilitate for its customers.

Entrelancer has recently been accepted on to the incubator programme at the University of Bath’s Innovation Centre, as well as receiving business coaching from Kim Jones of the High Growth Knowledge Company, as part of the High Growth programme run by Business West.

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