Research into composites at the University of Bath could revolutionise the construction sector

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Written by:   | Posted 16-April-2013 9:20

Researchers from the University of Bath are part of a new group aimed at developing lighter construction materials.

The project, funded by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), hopes to use materials called composites.

Composites are already widely used for the aerospace and automotive industries, and researchers hope to use this success and apply it to materials that could be used in the construction industry.

Called the DURACOMP consortium, the project involves the University of Bath along with the universities of Warwick, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Bristol.

The consortium is one of a number of projects to be funded by the EPSRC, which have all been given a share of £4.7 million.

Professor Mark Evernden, from the University of Bath’s department of architecture and civil engineering, said: “By bringing together experts from across the UK this consortium will accelerate research in the use of advanced composites and has the potential to revolutionise the construction sector.”

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