Work starts on M5 southbound service station business at Gloucester creating 300 new jobs

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Written by:   | Posted 16-June-2014 10:43

Work starts on M5 southbound service station business at Gloucester creating 300 new jobs

Work has started on the M5 at Gloucester Services to build a new southbound service station.

The northbound service station, operated by independent Lake District based firm Westmorland, opened just over a month ago.

The firm has now secured the £27million it needs from the Royal Bank of Scotland to build the southbound centre, which will create a further 150 jobs, bringing the jobs total up to 300.

Planning consent for both sites was granted at the same time, meaning work has already got under way.

The new station will be ready by summer 2015.

Established in 1972, by the Dunning family, the Cumbrian business currently owns and operates the Tebay services on the M6.

The company has developed a reputation for offering unique facilities compared to conventional motorway services. Its service areas are designed to fit within the surrounding landscape and do not include franchises.

The offer is focused on local sourcing of products, both for the freshly cooked food in the cafe and also for the farmshop.

Chief executive Sarah Dunning said: “I think the motorway service industry is something that most people experience and we have all got a view on it. Our approach has been very much rooted in the community. I hope people find it refreshing.

“The new service station should open in one year’s time. It will be very similar to what we have in northbound.

“We have not got any great plans for world domination. This has been a big move for us because we are doubling the size of our business. We are just intent on getting this right and enjoying it as well. As for the future, who knows.

“If you do a good job today then the opportunities will come tomorrow.”

She added that things were going well at the northbound site. “We’ve had a fantastic response from our customers,” she said. “We have had a lot of positive feedback and we are now preparing ourselves for the busy summer holidays when people will be coming from far and wide.”

The new Gloucester northbound services has been a landmark development for the group, with construction commencing last year. It features a grass roof, a 300-cover restaurant, take away food counter and farm shop.

The project has close charitable links with the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust and will donate a percentage of its profits – an estimated £10million over 20 years – to spend on community projects.

James Adams, director of structured finance, at the Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “Westmorland’s values lie in employing and training local people, as well as forging close links with local charities and upholding strong sustainability credentials. This, along with offering the finest quality regional produce, is what drives their business.

“We are delighted to support them through an exciting period of growth where they are creating new jobs.”


Three hundred new jobs will be created in total between the existing northbound services and the new southbound station.
n Work has begun on constructing the new service station and is expected to be completed in summer 2015.
n The cost of the southbound project comes to £27million.
n The majority of the produce sold at Gloucester Services is locally sourced from within a 30 mile radius of the service station.
n Westmorland is the only independent company to have broken through in the motorway service industry.
n It also runs the famous Tebay Services in Cumbria.

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