Chinese take away our tips from Gloucestershire for business in new media

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Written by:   | Posted 16-July-2014 9:21

Chinese take away our tips from Gloucestershire for business in new media

Six Chinese delegates from a Beijing media group met with staff from the Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen to learn about The Business and other sections of the newspapers.

The senior team from the Qiushi Journal arrived at publisher Gloucestershire Media’s headquarters in Cheltenham yesterday.

They were keen to know how the titles’ digital and print products have developed in recent years, particularly how business and other news was reported 24 hours a day on our websites.

Qing Lin, director at Chalford-based Join in China, which works to forge links between the emerging super-economy and the county, facilitated the visit.

She said: “Join in China was glad to be able to bring such high profile officials to showcase our media industry in the county. The delegates were able to see how well these newspapers are doing and they were here to learn from them.

“They were interested to hear how Gloucestershire Media has made the transition into, and is embracing, new media.”

Liu Yanhua, secretary general at the Qiushi Journal, said the group’s staff-base had grown from 15 people when it was founded in 1988 to more than 300 now.

The group includes three magazines, one publisher and one production company, which makes short films for Chinese television companies.

The group launched a website in 2009, creating an English edition in the same year and its magazines’ circulation covers more than 100 countries. It has had a domestic circulation of more than one million for 14 years.

Despite being the mouthpiece of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the group receives no public funding and its magazines rely on subscription fees.

Pictured: Gloucester Citizen deputy editor Matt Holmes and business reporter Chris Campbell with delegates and front Liu Yanhua, secretary general of the Qiushi Journal and Kevan Blackadder, Gloucestershire Echo editor.

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