World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst inspires his grandson to open Cheltenham gym

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Written by:   | Posted 17-July-2013 9:32

World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst inspires his grandson to open Cheltenham gym

World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst has inspired his grandson to open a gym in Cheltenham.

Jack Driver, grandson of the only footballer to score a hat trick in a World Cup final, and his friend Michael Daldry have united to create a fitness centre in Alstone.

Together with their friends Luke Etheridge and Tommy Rutter, they have launched Gym 66 on the site of the former DA Fitness gym in Bramery Business Park.

It offers fitness fans a varied offering, including crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, a strength gym and rehabilitation.

Jack and Michael, both 22, who met while at Dean Close School, are proud of their achievement at the gym.

Jack said: "When we took over, we were very keen to refurbish the place and add in a crossfit department, which has become really popular throughout the country."

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning programme that develops general physical skills like agility and strength

Jack added: "I’m very proud of my grandfather’s achievements, and he still visits to work out here.

"He is really into the grassroots stuff, a big believer in promoting fitness, and he certainly is inspirational for many here. Even at 72, he still comes and works out here nearly every day, so it’s great."

Michael, who started out as a footballer playing for Cheltenham Town Football Club academy, set British records in bench, squat and deadlift at the World Championships in Italy in 2007.

He also competed at amateur and semi-professional levels in mixed martial arts, and decided to coach after starting out at Bishop’s Cleeve Powerlifting Club.

He said: "I really love it here, and I’m really lucky I get to do what I love as a job. There is a real sense of family and community here. We have specific programmes for people of all different sizes, and we want to help people get to the best of their ability."

Amy Driver, Jack’s sister and manager of the gym, said: "We have about 250 members already, but it’s a really good place to come and train.

"It’s about getting involved with the community and getting everyone into a fitness programme. We hope to be able to get more people to do that."

Pictured: Luke Etheridge is about to lift while Charlie Stone, Jack Driver, Amy Driver, Michael Daldry and Tommy Rutter look on.


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