FAB Recycling Group to invest in its Gloucestershire vehicle parts business

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Written by:   | Posted 18-August-2014 10:16

Confidence has led FAB Recycling Group to invest £350,000 in its Gloucestershire pre-owned vehicle parts business.

According to the Forest of Dean-based business, the investment is built on growing demand for its products – recycled wing mirrors, bonnets, bumpers, engines, axles and bundles of vehicles parts.

FAB puts the increase in demand down to the growing appreciation of the cost-savings that can be made by using recycled vehicle parts.

The investment will, says the Cinderford business, improve its national distribution capabilities and online presence further strengthening its position in the UK’s vehicle dismantling industry.

Jason Cross, managing director of FAB Recycling Group, said: “FAB Recycling is part of a green movement to change perceptions of the industry and save motorists money.

“Our clients are the man in the street, blue chip fleet companies right up to the multinational insurance companies. All demand a level of service that we need to continue to invest in.

“Recycling traceable vehicle parts keeps down repair costs, the amount of time a vehicle is out of action, as well as ensuring badly damaged vehicles are responsibly, securely and environmentally disposed of.”

To cope with growth at the company’s 2.5-acre acre site, FAB Recycling has invested in its storage, yard and fixtures.

To manage demand from nationwide business it has also purchased new transport to ensure next-day delivery across the UK.

From its Gloucestershire base the company operates three businesses: FAB Direct, selling to individual motorists and the trade, My Green Fleet and FAB Bundle.

My Green Fleet removes non-safety related parts from damaged or written-off fleet vehicles and sells them back to the donor fleet when required.

FAB recently received a boost from 40 police forces with a two-year contract extension. This follows deals secured with national household- name utility/companies. Other blue chip company fleets are showing strong interest in the MGF scheme.

Launched last November, FAB Bundle is an industry first that saves the vehicle trade time and money by buying ‘bundles of car parts’ in bulk via an online auction site.

The initiative helped FAB Recycling win the industry’s coveted Combellack Award this year for its continued innovation.

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