Somerset boy Lewis Smallwood one of youngest web designers in Europe

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Written by:   | Posted 22-April-2013 8:58

Somerset boy Lewis Smallwood one of youngest web designers in Europe

A student at Clevedon School has become one of the youngest app developers in Europe – with his programme available on the Apple App Store.

Lewis Smallwood, 14, has been working on his iPad app – called the Clevedon School Handbook – for a year.

Now after spending hours in the classroom and at home designing the computer programme it has finally gone live on the Apple App Store.

The app, which is free, has already been downloaded 300 times by students since Monday last week.

Lewis (pictured) is one of the youngest people in Europe to have an app accepted by Apple’s App store.

The computer programme is a guide for people joining the school.

People can download an interactive map giving directions around the school and it also features details of all the school’s rules and regulations.

It also tells students what to do in the event of a fire, gives details of teachers and information about lesson start and finish times.

Entrepreneurial Lewis spent spending time building websites for people to raise money to allow him to buy an Apple Mac computer and work on the project at home.

Lewis said: “I was very excited when I got the email confirming the app had gone live on the App Store.

“I was really proud of myself and my family have been really supportive and they are really happy with my achievements.

“It was really cool on the day – all my teachers knew and it was hard to escape the congratulations from all of them.”

Lewis also works as a digital leader at the school, offering IT advice to students and teachers.

The school paid for a development licence to help Lewis realise his dream of developing an app for the App Store.

Leader of digital learning Mark Anderson said: “It all started when Lewis was 13 and in year eight.

“He came to me saying that he wanted to learn how to program and that his real dream was to get an app on Apple’s App Store and after a number of meetings and discussions on what the app should be, Lewis began work.”

The school is now planning to develop more apps as part of its ongoing commitment to using mobile learning technologies.

Clevedon School headteacher John Wells said: “When I heard that Lewis was keen to do this I was very keen to support him.

“He is always willing to help out at school events and as a digital leader helps staff and students with ICT issues on a regular basis.

“It is always a pleasure to watch students achieve their aspirations and Lewis is very determined to forge a career in this field in the future and is already working on his next project.”

The app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store by searching for Clevedon.

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