Cotswold businesses brace themselves for impact of A429 road closures at Whiteshoots Hill

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Written by:   | Posted 23-September-2013 7:53

Traders and residents are bracing themselves for the closure of an important commuter route through the Cotswolds, but many are glad that the road will be fixed.

The A429 at Whiteshoots Hill just outside Bourton- on-the-Water will be resurfaced for a length of 1.2 kilometres, on both carriageways, with work starting on September 30.

It will be completely closed between 9.30am and 3.30pm daily until work finishes, which is expected to be on October 9.

Matthew Hardy, a partner at Bourton auctioneers and estate agent Taylor and Fletcher, said: "Another road on the other side of town is closed, so this is another complication, but they’ve got to do it.

"I’d rather it was done, to be honest, because it really does need to be resurfaced."

But Simon Hemming, who runs Shalom, a Christian book shop in the town, was concerned about people who needed to use the road during the day.

He said: "I’m concerned about people like care workers who have to get around to places like Rissington in the day. Even though the road will be open in the morning and evenings, those people who have to get to appointments will have to use a diversion and if they’re made late for one appointment then that will have a knock-on effect."

Mr Hemming added that while he didn’t use the road often customers and bus drivers often complained about the state of it.

During the times the road is closed, Gloucestershire County Council is advising drivers to go via the A40 at Northleach and the A436. The A426 normally sees at least 7,000 cars use it every day.

Councillor Paul Hodgkinson, county councillor for Bourton-on-the-Water and Northleach, said: "Many of the roads in the Cotswolds suffered badly in last year’s severe winter, and lots of residents have been asking for improvements."

Bob Skillern, local highways manager for Gloucestershire Highways, added: "I would like to reassure people we are doing all we can to reduce disruption, working outside of busier commuter hours. Where it is safe to do so highway crews on site will help local residents and businesses access their properties where they can."

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