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Bristol company Valuable Content's online course aims to help SMEs learn to use social media for business

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 10 October 2015 16:02

Bristol company Valuable Content's online course aims to help SMEs learn to use social media for business

Bristol businesses have taken a central role in helping the Government-backed Digital Business Academy launch a second tier of courses aimed at enabling UK SMEs improve their profile and trade online.

The new courses are now live on the Digital Business Academy website with one – ‘How to Use Social Media for Business’ – having been designed by digital marketing consultancy Valuable Content, based at Spike Island in Bristol.

It aims to demonstrate how to make the most of social media for business.

According to recent research by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, a quarter of the UK’s SME owners say they do not possess basic digital skills.

Richard Dennys, head of Digital Business Academy, said: “Small business owners are aware of the value that having a good online presence and trading capability can provide, but it is another thing knowing how to go about getting that right.”

Valuable Content founder Sonja Jefferson said: “It was a great privilege to have been picked to create this course but also we were very aware of the responsibility that we wanted to be able to make something that everyone could get involved with – and to help dispel any myth that you need to be a 25-year-old who has grown up using Twitter.

“To do this we were privileged to be able to work with three outstanding companies who are all very different and who have been successful in making social media an integral part of how they go about their day-to-day business lives.”

The businesses featured on the course are start-up Bristol-based dining app Wriggle, online beer club BeerBods and Clutton Cox Solicitors, based in Chipping Sodbury.

Paul Hajek, managing director of Clutton Cox Solicitors, said: “We are a small firm in Chipping Sodbury and have been around for many years, so it could be surprising that we have been so successful through our online and social media channels.

“But I realised quite early on as I was using the internet for my own research to find things I needed how powerful a tool it would be. Our online communication now means we have a national profile and a brand people recognise.

“For us, it’s about knowing there are people out there online asking questions and that we can help them answer them – and if you’re not the one helping you can bet someone else will be.”

Pictured: Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton of Valueable Content with their book of the same name
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