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No more stopping at every floor or waiting for the lift thanks to Bristol company's smart control system

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 23 June 2015 12:42

No more stopping at every floor or waiting for the lift thanks to Bristol company's smart control system
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A Bristol company has found a clever way to help a big employer improve productivity... with smart lifts to know when you need them.

Sovereign Fire and Security, based in Avonmouth, installed a state of the art building management system at Ty Admiral in Cardiff, the home of Admiral Insurance.

With 2,500 employees, the company found staff were waiting around for lifts at busy times such as lunch and break periods.

So when it moved offices, it commissioned Sovereign to fit a smart lift control system.

Previously, you would call a lift, wait for it, then choose the floor you wanted when you got in.

Now once the employee’s card is swiped at the access control reader at the gate, a message is sent to the system and an LCD screen then displays the lift number that the employee needs to enter.

The lift will already be set to their destination. The system will also send anyone else entering the building who needs to go to the same floor, to the same lift. This saves time not having to stop at each floor.

The new system also cuts down the wasted energy use, meaning it is better for the environment too.

Sovereign Fire and Security managing director Marek Jakubczyk said: “Our company is leading the way in innovation to help businesses become more efficient through clever business management systems using the latest technology.

“The new access control and lift destination system at Ty Admiral is a great example of how technology can be used with security systems to enable the business to run more effectively.

“Ty Admiral’s system also has the added benefit of being more energy efficient and decreasing time wasted on breaks.”

The system, which has been developed together with TDSi and the lift manufacturer OTIS, is the first one of its kind in the UK.

Mike Sussman, technical director at Doreset-based TDSi added: “This solution utilises TDSi’s newly developed component for our EXgarde security management software and is largely the result of developments in network access and fully integrated security systems.

“Whilst this project was a bespoke development for Ty Admiral, this integration tool will be available to all our customers moving forward.

“Additionally, there is an option to integrate directly with the keypad on a modern lift, to ensure access for the individual is limited to authorised floors only and can be amended quickly and simply by the security team.”

Sovereign Fire and Security is a finalist in the Small Business category at the Bristol Post Business Awards.

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