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Bristol Business Awards: Putting inventors on the map help Cubik Innovation win Start Up of the Year

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Written by: Michael Yong | Posted 26 June 2015 1:58

Bristol Business Awards: Putting inventors on the map help Cubik Innovation win Start Up of the Year
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Have you ever had a great idea, thought out all the nuts and bolts, only to have it squashed because you could not find someone to work with?

Paul Mullen, founder of Cubik Innovation, takes concepts and ideas and makes them a reality.

Cubik, based in Bristol and Bath Science Park in Emersons Green helps inventors or small companies looking to develop electronic products get them on the market.

Starting in 2012, Paul was fresh from selling his other company, Panik Technology.

The one-man mission soon expanded to include 15 members of staff, all working towards the same goal.

The company has expanded their client list to include individual inventors to large corporations and MoD approved suppliers.

It has gone from strength to strength, showing how hard work and talent can bring one entrepreneur so far.

Paul said: “It feels amazing to have won. It is great to have this kind of recognition for a start-up.

“I didn’t expect to win it this evening, and to get on the shortlist was an amazing feeling.

“I feel very humbled by the entire experience, but this really is a big up for my team. The award is really meant for them, and all the work they do.

“When I first got the idea for the company, there were only about three to four of us, not many in the office.

“Now we have really expanded, and it is exciting times for us.

“Bristol is a fantastic place to be based in. There are a lot of inventors here, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Starting your own company in the midst of one of the worst recessions in history is no mean feat.

“There were a lot of sleepless nights, lots of hard work, and it wasn’t easy,” Paul said.

“I know we have now gone on to greater, bigger things, and I can’t wait for that. WE are working with MoD approved suppliers, which is massive.

“The awards have totally blown me away. It has been a fantastic way to recognise my team’s good work. I cannot thank them enough.

“The future is bright, and it already looks amazing. There is always new stuff coming through, and it is good to see so many businesses willing to come forward.”

Other nominees for start up of the year included Forrest Brown Limited and Steak of the Art.

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