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Bristol named in top three cities for co-working space

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 03 November 2017 14:46

Bristol named in top three cities for co-working space

When starting a business it can often be expensive and difficult to find office space.

Many entrepreneurs work from home when they set up, but once the first few hires are made this approach doesn’t always work.

A common solution often involves moving into co-working spaces with other similarly sized companies, as a means of reducing office space costs.

MoneySuperMarket analysed 18 cities across the UK against key factors including the cost per workstation, business insurance and the number of office spaces available, to see which cities were the most desirable places to co-work.

The research found that Bristol is a growing business centre for those looking for opportunities outside of London.

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Although the city has below-average numbers of co-working spaces, it makes up for this with its low costs and high broadband speeds, according to the findings.

London, by contrast, was near the bottom of the list.

Despite the highest total number of co-working spaces and decent availability even when high competition for space is factored in, London’s exorbitant workstation prices and high costs on business insurance policies relegated it to 16th position.

Rose Howarth, head of business insurance at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Understanding where in the UK is best for businesses to set up in co-working environments, considering their unique challenges with regards to business security, allows us to understand the market and how best to help entrepreneurs find the best business insurance for them.”  

The top five ranking cities are:   






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