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Huge careers event to take place in Bristol

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 09 October 2018 16:18

Huge careers event to take place in Bristol

Two of the largest colleges in the South West are joining forces to run a huge careers event in Bristol next week.

As part of Colleges Week, SGS and City of Bristol colleges are hosting Ambitions - an event with 120 employers, training providers, colleges and universities - on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 16 and 17.

The event, which is expected to be attended by 4,000 people, aims to help young people make more ambitious decisions about their career and improve employability prospects.

Sara-Jane Watkins, SGS College principal, said: “We are at risk as a nation of failing young people and not giving them the skills needed for the country to compete internationally.

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“Ambitions presents the perfect opportunity to show the positive effect colleges have within the region. The continued enthusiasm of local employers to engage with young people, sharing their skills and passions, is a real positive.

“Also the positive involvement of schools within the region really demonstrates how much they value this opportunity.”

Lee Probert, City of Bristol College’s Pprincipal, added; “Ambitions is a great example of how collaborative working between colleges and employers can support local communities in raising their career aspirations and employability skills.”

Ambitions takes place at the SGS WISE Campus and City of Bristol College’s Parkway Centre.

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