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Meet the influencer of the influencers- Olivia Tripp

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Written by: David Clensy | Posted 07 July 2017 14:26

Meet the influencer of the influencers- Olivia Tripp

THE role of so-called online influencers has become big business over recent years with local bloggers like Zoella becoming a global brand through her beauty vlogs, while an Instagram post from one of the Kardashian clan can make or break a brand.
But 22-year-old Olivia Tripp saw a real opportunity in influencing the influencers.

She is the founder of Weekend:IN, a Bristol-based business that connects independent brands with influencers in order to engage and grow their audiences using social media, influencer collaborations and events.

Rather than going to university, Olivia started off her career interning at various Bristol companies. Within just a year of interning, she secured a position at independent luxury lingerie brand Fleur of England.

During her time as digital executive at the company, Olivia introduced the brand to the idea of working with bloggers and influencers – the importance of this was soon realised by the company when Olivia connected with the Kardashians’ stylist through social media. This connection resulted in Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner sharing pictures of themselves in the Bristol based brands underwear on Instagram enhancing the brands reputation worldwide.

After being with the company for nearly three years, last September Olivia left to become freelance allowing her to follow her passion to work with a number of small independent brands growing their social media presence. Just two months later, in November 2016, the ambitious entrepreneur launched Weekend:IN with a Christmas influencer event, bringing together South West based lifestyle influencers and design-led brands.

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Olivia said: “I realised that independent brands find it harder to work with influencers, due to small budgets, therefore creating the event was a good way to build a link between them in a unique way.

“The brands can interact with a number of influencers at the same time and get more coverage for less cost. Interactions with the brands are authentic as influencers will only share the parts of the event they truly enjoy.”

Following the success of the launch event in November, Weekend:IN will be hosting its second event on the today and tomorrow, at The Shed in Taunton. The event will connect influencers from Bristol including Fritha Quinn (@tigerlillyquinn) as well as other influencers from across the UK such as Xanthe Berkeley (@xantheb), Alexia Booker (@lostfoundkeep) and Francesca Stone (@fallfordiy).

Workshops at the event will be hosted by the brands providing a fun platform for them to connect with the influencers and create promotion for them via social media and their blogs. The sessions include a range of activities from cocktail making session by Bristol-based Bramley & Gage to festival headdress-making from sunglasses brand, Ollie Quinn.


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