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Triodos appoints new head of small business lending

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 17 September 2018 16:06

Triodos appoints new head of small business lending

Triodos Bank has appointed Rob Keegan to lead UK small business lending in Bristol.

Previously RBS director of corporate banking in South Wales, Rob has 29 years’ experience in SME banking.

Triodos Bank’s SME team provides loans and overdrafts of up to £500,000 to businesses and charities that are creating positive social, cultural or environmental impact.

Recent examples include organic hair brand Tabitha, adult education centre Hawkwood College and MINA Housing Co-operative (Members In Need of Accommodation) in Bristol.

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Rob said: “I have been inspired by the forward-thinking strategies that Triodos employs and the way it lends for positive impact.

"Even though I’ve worked in banking for over 29 years, being associated with an ethical and transparent bank which focuses clearly on the needs of society is a new experience for me.

I’m excited to have joined such a unique and committed organisation.”

Rebecca Pritchard, head of business banking at Triodos Bank UK added: “Rob brings a wealth of experience, passion and leadership to the business banking team at Triodos.

"He is the perfect person to implement our goals of supporting sustainable SMEs which are the lifeblood of the UK economy.”



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