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Trunki to increase production after seeing sales double

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Written by: David Clensy | Posted 19 December 2016 10:12

Trunki to increase production after seeing sales double

The inventor of the Trunki ride-on suitcase is planning to increase production after seeing sales double and group turnover hit £9 million.

Rob Law, managing director of Bristol-based Magmatic Ltd, said the product had been a huge success in the UK, Europe and China and he is now targeting a growing US market via online sales.

The firm has its headquarters in the Dings in Bristol.

Mr Law is keen on the UK remaining in the European single market, after Brexit, and wants freedom of movement for EU nationals.

The Trunki has become a worldwide hit since Mr Law, its inventor, appeared on TV’s Dragon’s Den in 2006, turning down a proposed £100,000 investment to retain control of the business.

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It sells the eye-catching products in major UK stores such as John Lewis, Mothercare and Argos.

Mr Law said: “We have been scaling up production. We are producing 250,000 units this year, that’s double what we did last year.”

He added: “Our website is one of our biggest customers. We will be building on that next year. Our customers in the USA are online. The USA is a big opportunity for us, a key driver.”

The firm’s Plymouth factory also manufactures other plastic products for third party companies, including in the automotive industry. There are also ten of his staff working on Trunki assembly in the Devon plant, and they are so productive they can produce 1,000 units in the same time 50 workers would do it in China – where his products for outside Europe are manufactured.

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“We re-engineered the product to make it quicker to put together,” Mr Law explained. “We also innovated with printing technology. The printing is now done within the moulding process.”

Mr Law said Trunki sales had been boosted by the fall in the exchange rate of sterling.

“The exchange rate has been a massive boost,” he said. “We manufacture in the UK, with 50 per cent of are sales exported in US dollars.”

But he said the uncertainty over the UK’s future relationships were “a concern”.

“Not for exports,” he said. “We will continue trading with Europe in the same way. And our biggest overseas market is China.

“In Plymouth and Bristol we employ Europeans, and they add huge value. We don’t want any changes in European trade or movement of people.”

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