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Win backing for your business idea by pitching to Weston-based investor

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 11 September 2018 15:50

Win backing for your business idea by pitching to Weston-based investor

An entrepreneur from Weston-super-Mare is looking to invest in individuals or businesses with innovative ideas.

Peter Angelides (inset), who owns training company AAA Training Solutions and recruitment firm AAA Training and Recruitment, is encouraging people with ideas to pitch to him for funding on September 28.

He said: “We want to attract individuals with new ideas and businesses that have opportunities, but lack the skill sets or the funding to bring them to fruition.

“My team and I have a great deal of expertise and are well placed to give lots of advice, as well as to invest in the ones we feel have got what it takes to make it.”

Peter has owned and run a number of businesses and worked in sectors including leisure, digital, services, health, renewable energies and logistics.

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He will be joined by a panel of experts from a range of business backgrounds on the day.

Peter said: “We’re keen to meet people from all sectors but are particularly interested in any local opportunities and individuals who have exciting new ideas for products and services, as well as businesses looking to expand or wishing to get a particular product or service to market.”

To get involved people need to get in touch with their CV or brief business plan outlining their idea. They will then need to book a 30 to 60-minute slot with the panel to discuss their idea.

He added: “Over the years I have met a great many budding entrepreneurs who either are missing skill sets or finance to realise their business potential. This is where we can help, so I hope lots of people come forward to pitch for us. It represents a wonderful opportunity for us all.”

The pitching day is taking place from 9.30am to 5.30pm at AAA Traing Solution’s offices in Weston.

For more information, email or visit

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