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Lance Bradley, MD of Cirencester-based Mitsubishi Motors UK, speaks at Circle2Success forum

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Written by: Peter McMillan | Posted 16 October 2015 11:45

Lance Bradley, MD of Cirencester-based Mitsubishi Motors UK, speaks at Circle2Success forum

A top car executive explained how his company had implemented a culture of excellence during a forum for business leaders and executives.

Lance Bradley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors UK, spoke about Delivering Excellence at the Circle2Success forum at his company’s head office in Cirencester.

Mitsubishi Motors UK trades as The Colt Car Company Ltd and is ranked fifth in the top 100 business in Gloucestershire.

Mr Bradley said delivering excellence had been a game changing strategy for the business and it was now seeing the financial benefits coming through, with an increased turnover of £267.5 million, with pre-tax profits increased by £23.7 million.

Mr Bradley implemented a star rating system for all dealers, which clearly demonstrated their service to customers and promoted good practice, both internally and externally, making everything visible and everyone accountable.

That had a positive impact on the business and allowed staff and dealers to feel proud of a good job well done and feel a valued part of the organisation.

Kevin Gani of Renishaw said: “Providing excellent service with great products is a high priority within our organisation.

“Watever it is you do, do it well and always strive to be the best”

C2S members then had the opportunity to have an open discussion around the topic and share ideas around best practice.

Mr Bradley said: “It was great to see so many successful businesses in the room, some of the county’s great minds coming together to learn and share. I believe great leaders are great learners.”

The next C2S Forum, at EDF Energy on Wednesday, October 21, will be on employee engagement, continuing the theme around growing and developing a successful team.

Photo caption: Lance Bradley with Angela Edwards, left and Suzanne Hall-Gibbins.


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