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EDF hosts annual event with Circle2Success

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Written by: Peter McMillan | Posted 24 November 2015 7:23

EDF hosts annual event with Circle2Success

A leading energy company hosted an annual event highlighting what it had learned over the past year and new initiatives it had regarding employee engagement.

EDF Energy staged the Circle2Success (C2S) Leaders and Executives Forum.

More than 65 C2S members attended, hearing from Bob Fenton, EDF’s head of communication.

Mr Fenton explained the partnership EDF Energy had with the National Star College, to run the Steps Into Work programme, that sees Star College students embedded at Barnwood for up to nine months.

The scheme is in its third year, with 18 people having taken part.

“The scheme has had a massive impact on our organisation, we have seen a positive change in attitude and culture within the organisation and employees feel proud to work for a company that makes things happen and is innovative in its thinking,” said Mr Fenton.

EDF Energy has a diverse range of employee engagement programmes but believes companies have a much happier, healthier, loyal, productive workforce if they feel valued and enjoy going to work.

C2S leaders and executives shared their stories and experiences.

Laura Crabb, director of Business for The Growth Hub, launched its new partnership with C2S, explaining how working with C2S would help shape future business leaders, upskill the workforce and create the next generation of work-ready students.

Simon Kershaw, managing director at SK Heating, said: “I really value these C2S forums. It gives me great ideas to take back into my business, real value.”

Photo caption: From left, Angela Edwards, Circle2Success, Bob Fenton, EDF Energy and Suzanne Hall-Gibbins, Circle2Success.


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