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Jim Lawless, who set British diving record, joining BPE Solicitors as non-executive chairman

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Written by: Peter McMillan | Posted 28 September 2015 10:06

Jim Lawless, who set British diving record, joining BPE Solicitors as non-executive chairman

A man who set a free diving record is joining a Cheltenham-based law firm as non-executive chairman.

Jim Lawless, appointed by BPE Solicitors, entered the record books as Britain’s deepest free diver, the first Briton to dive lower than 100 metres on a single breath.

The adviser on cultural change joins BPE in his new role from the beginning of October.

He has advised businesses across the globe on creating and delivering cultural change.

Mr Lawless has designed and implemented programmes for companies including Apple, Barclaycard, Atos, AXA and BT and fast-growth private equity-backed companies such as Skrill Group.

Originally qualified as a solicitor, Mr Lawless practised commercial law at SJ Berwin & Co in London and had an international legal role at ICL/Fujitsu before founding Taming Tigers Ltd and developing
his framework for delivering results.

He has personally followed the framework to set the diving record and transform himself from a non-riding, overweight consultant to a jockey, riding under BHA (Jockey Club) rules - in just a year.

Mr Lawless is also a leading keynote speaker on change and performance

More than 500,000 people across five continents have seen his presentations and bought his book, Taming Tigers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jim Lawless to BPE as our non-executive chairman,” said BPE’s senior partner, John Workman.

“Jim attended our Business People Brilliant People brand launch event last year as guest speaker.

“He made a huge impact on us and we’ve been in discussions ever since about him taking a hands on role at the firm.

“There’s a huge amount of synergy between Jim’s entrepreneurial approach and the way we approach the law.

“This is an exciting path in the firm’s development, one which will lead to change, challenge and progress.”

"Mr Lawless will be working with John Workman, the partners and staff at BPE to further bed down the law
firm’s brand values, both internally and externally, to clients and associates.”


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