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Appeal: Join C2S network of Gloucestershire businesses pledging offer of work experience

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 10 May 2016 7:30

Appeal: Join C2S network of Gloucestershire businesses pledging offer of work experience
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A network of like-minded business people has launched an exciting new initiative offering work experience to young people and those looking to return to employment in Gloucestershire.

Members of Circle2Success (C2S), a highly respected network of firms from across the many sectors of Gloucestershire, have launched what they are calling the Work Placement Pledge.

It is so simple a concept you wonder why no one has thought of it before – and put it into action.

Businesses have signed up to the scheme to offer valuable, worthwhile work experience placements they hope will not only be the stepping stone so many need to make their way into the world of work – but also provide their future employees.

“Lots of young people and people returning to work need work experience to help them on their way.

“Currently there is no one point to which they can go to in order to find out which companies might be able and willing to help – until now,” said Angela Edwards, who runs C2S with business partner Suzanne Hall-Gibbins.

“We have some fantastic businesses within Circle2Success who have agreed to sign the pledge and provide the service.

“This could provide individuals with the work experience they need and could be the difference between them finding the job they want or not.

“It could be school-leavers trying to decide what career they want to do to skilled people who have been on career breaks who want to rebuild their skills and confidence before re-entering the job market.

“We have 120-plus successful businesses from a range of sectors and the pledge is an idea that came out of conversations around growth, around managing people’s return to work. It is what we do here – have constructive conversations with positive outcomes.”

Businesses which sign up to the pledge not only promise work experience but they pledge to provide real value and opportunities. The beauty of the Work Placement Pledge is there is now a central location where people can search from a list of some of the most dynamic companies in the county knowing the firm is open to a letter or email inquiring about work experience.

“We want to show people the opportunities are out there. Ultimately these people want to help and to show young people and anyone else out there the diversity of the businesses in the county and the quality.

“What we all want to do is to keep the talent that is within Gloucestershire here in the county to help keep the county developing and moving forward.

“We want to show people there are some fantastic companies here in the county and some fantastic jobs.”

Names already signed up to the list are featured on this page courtesy of their logos and describe a breadth of industries from construction and property to communications, food, electrical engineering, website developers, manufacturing, retail, medical and legal and the Gloucestershire Growth Hub itself – the joint venture between the University of Gloucestershire, GFirst LEP and business.

You don’t have to be a member of C2S to sign up and add your company’s name to the database. Just go to its website and download the form at

To find out more or to talk to C2S email

C2S work placement pledge process

1. Access the template for the pledge online

2. Add in your logo and company details in spaces indicated

3. See page three, section three and adapt/amend/add/delete from the list as you see fit. If you would like to talk through in more detail about what you could do in this part, then a member of the C2S team would be more than happy to have a conversation with you –

4. See page four, section four; Examples of other opportunities in your business. Please select those opportunities appropriate to your business and delete/adapt/amend or add to this list as required

5. Look up other organisations that have signed up to the C2S Work Placement Pledge

6. Print off the C2S Work Placement Pledge certificate and acknowledgement, have it signed by the MD/CEO/Director

7. Scan it back in and send it to

8. Confirm who is your primary contact for work placement enquiries in your business and provide their name, position, email and contact details on the acknowledgement to be returned to us.

9. C2S will then assess and approve your application

10. They will email you with confirmation of acceptance and the approved logo to use

11. Confirm that you are now accepted as part of the Pledge Community and are able to use this logo in all of your marketing material

12. Your company logo will be publicised on the pledge page of the C2S website and promoted

13. Display your pledge in your workplace and on your website

14. Encourage others to sign up

15. Let us have any good news stories for the website and newsletter

16. More information can be found using the links below

17. We will publicise your support through our literature and website and provide applicant feedback where possible

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