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Berkeley Green college opens doors to security industry experts

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Written by: | Posted 10 May 2017 9:34

Berkeley Green college opens doors to security industry experts

Apprentices set to begin a brand new training scheme at a multi-million pound college development, can be secure in the knowledge it will unlock doors into a fast-growing sector.

South Gloucestershire & Stroud College hosted an event at its new Berkeley Green campus for industry experts leading on the fire, emergency and security systems trailblazer.

With new apprenticeship reforms having been brought in April, the event offered the opportunity for business leaders to learn more about the development and implementation of the apprenticeship standards and how they will effect businesses around the country.

Speaking at the event, managing director of Middlesex based company CSL, Simon Banks was excited by the prospect of facilities like Berkeley Green playing a positive role in strengthening apprenticeships and the industry in general.

“Places like Berkeley Green will help us achieve our goals of flooding the industry with the skills we need, and the industry as a whole needs to support facilities like this with as much energy as it can,” said Mr Banks.

Roman Cooper, director at Allcooper Group, who are already working in partnership with SGS College echoed the enthusiasm for the Trailblazer and SGS Berkeley’s role.

“There’s a moral obligation to give young people more than just wages… the industry needs a spearhead for this, such as the Berkley campus,” said Mr Cooper.

With business leaders attending from all over the country, the event was an important step in reviewing the FESS trailblazer and bringing together ideas on how the industry and institutions like SGS College can continue to work closely together.

George Ridd, site director at the SGS Berkeley campus, said: “This industry is well established and growing fast, and we are absolutely committed to developing the partnerships needed to support training needs.”

SGS College’s Berkeley Green campus due to open to learners from September 2017, and will offer some of the best training facilities in the country for the built environment, welding, engineering and digital technologies.

SGS College has invested in a new £5million Engineering Centre (known as GREEN) that will respond to the regional growth in engineering and nuclear and will deliver full and part- time training to learners from the age of 16 including apprenticeships, adult re-training programmes and degree level learning.

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