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Business workshops to explore why competitors are more successful

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Written by: Admin | Posted 03 August 2018 11:40

Business workshops to explore why competitors are more successful

A business workshop taking place in Cheltenham in September will explore how to overcome mind blocks to achieve success.

The event, which is being run by US business coaches Steve and Odille Remmert, will explain how 'reprogramming' the mind can help business leaders.

The couple, who are based in the US, will discuss the psychology of "limitless success" at the day-long event.

Odille said: "The only difference between those who succeed in business, or indeed in life, and those who struggle or fail, is not down to luck or circumstances.

"We can all quite inadvertently get stuck in childhood patterns of thinking which lead to self sabotage.

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"It’s just the subconscious mind’s way of dishing out self preservation and, like a computer, it faithfully goes on running mental 'programmes' long after they’ve gone out of date."

Steve and Odille will explain how people can break out of patterns such as procrastination, fear of asking for money or quoting prices.

The event is taking place on 21 September from 9am to 5pm. The duo are also running an event on the same topic in Exeter on 20 September.

Tickets are priced from £135.34 and include lunch and refreshments.

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