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Could new estate agency Prospect Residential be good news for Cheltenham Town FC

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 08 September 2017 8:04

Could new estate agency Prospect Residential be good news for Cheltenham Town FC
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Jamie Grimes' arrival at Cheltenham Town FC may be billed as a one-year deal but his partner’s business plan could suggest the player has ambitions to make himself indispensable at the club.

What we are talking about is Lauren Church’s decision to relocate to the town - despite the couple having made a significant investment in their previous south-east London flat.

Miss Church, who is an estate agent, is a partner in an agency based in the Capital. And after numerous trips cross-country to Gloucestershire she has the backing of business colleagues to open a branch in Cheltenham. And early signs are good.

“I have just sold my first property. It was on the market with another company since January. We took it over three weeks ago and have just sold it,” said Miss Church, 24, who has been with her partner for six years.

“I live in Greenwich and spend most of my weekends watching Jamie play – which means travelling. I was not sure what I was going to do to start with. But Gloucestershire is such a lovely area.

“I have quite a few years’ experience at Countrywide (estate agency) and some at Savills and I decided to set up in business with another colleague and we opened in Shoreditch. We have now talked about it and decided I should look to opening in Cheltenham as well.”

The agency, Prospect Residential, which also has offices in Greenwich and London Bridge, will not rush to finding an office in Cheltenham initially to keep costs down for customers.

“We are not another Purple Bricks,” said Lauren, referring to the on-line only platform where buyers do all the legwork for a small fee.

She acknowledged the property market was “extremely competitive” but felt there was room in the county for an agency offering a “premier service”.

So Prospect will operate online and without an office initially. Cheltenham Town fans have already heard Mr Grimes talk about his ambitions. They might be interested to hear that should the Miss Church’s business go well an office for Prospect Residential is not out of the question in a few months’ time.

Which some of those among us might suggest means the couple have not ruled out staying here longer term. Possibly.

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