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Gloucestershire company supplies technology to the film industry and F1

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Written by: Olivia Alexandra Scull | Posted 09 January 2019 14:39

Gloucestershire company supplies technology to the film industry and F1

A Gloucester engineering company has become the driving force behind some of the world’s leading technology, and is watching their products take off. 

From major movies to transmission testing on Formula 1 racing cars, the hydraulic power packs produced by Hydraproducts Ltd are in growing demand for a variety of applications worldwide.

Hydraproducts was launched by managing director Ben Lee 16 years ago and now has an annual turnover of £2.7 million – up 20 per cent on last year. More than a quarter of the hydraulic power packs the company produces are exported – with a large proportion of those going to Europe.

Early in his career, Ben worked for some well-established engineering firms but recognised the potential demand for bespoke power packs and took the brave decision to set up his own company.

Initially, he designed and produced the hydraulic packs to power the lifts to enable disabled people to access ambulances. As the company’s skills, experience and depth of knowledge developed, so did its reputation for producing solutions and it now serves a worldwide market. Ben now heads a 17-strong team at the company’s headquarters at Tuffley Trading Estate, Pearce Way, Gloucester.

The hydraulic packs it produces are at the cutting edge of technology, serving Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers in the UK and with distributors in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Designing and building its own power packs is a major selling point for Hydraproducts; offering customers a quality product with expert after-sale service that other manufacturers in the field cannot match as they rely on imported units with often lackluster quality control measures.

It was Hydraproducts who provided the power pack to operate a number of cylinders to mimic a boat in a storm during the filming of the Alice in Wonderland movie sequel, Through the Looking Glass, which was shot in Gloucester Docks.

The company’s products are also used to enable crews to winch up deep sea divers, to operate lifts, for the handling of materials, injection moulding machinery and bailers – the list goes on. More recently, Hydraproducts’ power packs have been used power the formidable “cheese wedge” roadblocks and hydraulically operated bollards aimed at helping to deter terrorists.

With three dedicated production lines, in-house design and testing facilities and a new components division, Hydraproducts is well place to expand its global reach and identify new applications and technology the company can work with.

Ben Lee said: “We pride ourselves on our close customer relationships and service. With our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) skills we can provide our customers with a bespoke service and that is our USP.

“We are very customer focused. Sometimes our customers do not really know what they want but we can fill in the blanks and come up with solutions for them.

“We have a fantastic, hardworking team with years of hydraulic knowledge and experience. We really focus on getting things right for the customer.

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