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Gloucestershire engineering firm matches employee's fundraising for paediatric intensive care unit

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Written by: Sophie Flowers | Posted 25 August 2017 13:52

Gloucestershire engineering firm matches employee's fundraising for paediatric intensive care unit

Chalford-based electronic control designers and manufacturers Heber is supporting its employee Jamil Stevens who has completed a gruelling 100 mile cycle ride for charity.

After months of hard training, Jamil, an electronic engineer at the award-winning company Heber, embarked on the Prudential Ride 100 event, along with approximately 250,000 other amateur cyclists.

He rode in aid of the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, raising an impressive total of over £1,300.

Completing the race in an impressive six hours and two minutes, a time which includes a break for bike-related maintenance after he sustained a wheel puncture in the last section.

The Royal Brompton Hospital based in Chelsea, and Harefield Hospital, near Uxbridge, take referred patients from all over the UK.

Providing life-saving care using the cutting edge of technology. At the moment their main focus is fundraising for a new reception area in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Brompton. This campaign aims to make the reception a less intimidating space, to put parents and children alike more at ease during such a difficult time.

Jamil, who has recently become a parent himself, to baby Sebastian, said: “I can’t imagine the trauma of having to visit the PICU area at all, let alone to find oneself in an unwelcoming and confusing space. I have so much sympathy with the staff and visitors to the reception and I desperately wanted to do something to help.”

Inspired by such an amazing cause, Jamil’s employers, Chalford-based Heber, agreed to match all of his sponsorship.

Managing Director Les Ashton-Smith said: “We all felt so impressed by Jamil’s commendable spirit that we wanted to support him in every possible way.”

The charity's CEO Gill Raikes MBE visited Heber’s offices to congratulate Jamil and accept the fantastic donation.

She said: “We are so grateful for all of the money raised.

“Everyone involved in the PICU campaign is in awe of the support they have received, plans are set to install the new reception this September and we couldn’t be more excited!”

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