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Gloucestershire footwear company launches Vegan safety range

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Written by: Olivia Alexandra Scull | Posted 05 December 2018 14:26

Gloucestershire footwear company launches Vegan safety range

Gloucester-based safety footwear wholesaler, Footsure Western Ltd has just landed the seal of approval from the European Vegetarian Union with three of its products successfully earning the internationally recognised ‘V-Label Vegan’ symbol.


The safety specialist company creates, designs and distributes its own range of work boots in Hardwicke. This recognition comes at a time when the high street has had to adapt with incredible speed to meet the needs of a transitioning market as many trend forecasters and market analysts agree that mainstream veganism figures are predicted to increase for 2019.


The registered ‘V-Label’ symbol promotes transparency and clarity with products meeting a standardised criterion in the labelling of vegan and vegetarian products making it one step easier for vegan workers and ethical companies to make decisions on personal protective equipment.


For safety shoes to be considered vegan, they must be made with no animal-derived products in any part of the process, including adhesives and colourants. This means that leathers, wool, feathers and fur are completely out and replaced by innovative synthetic alternatives.


Protective models have the vegan accreditation due to being crafted from a clever combination of long-life microfiber, synthetic PU and breathable mesh whilst being infused with all the necessary safety features including a steel toe cap and midsole; looking and feeling as comfortable and as the non-leather equivalent, breaking down the stigma for vegan workers. The brand also openly encourages customers to care for their footwear once purchased with regular maintenance and day-to-day care and treatment so fewer pairs end up in landfill.


Footsure Sales Director Paul Wheeler said: “We strive to create a diverse and inclusive variety of safety footwear options for the consumer to choose from and develop innovative solutions for an evolving marketplace. It’s in our DNA to offer clarity, transparency and confidence in what the consumer is purchasing. There is a considerable gap in the market for affordable Vegan workwear to the everyday tradesperson and we are one step closer to fulfilling that requirement with clarity.”


Retail group MI Supplies sell the Vegan range both online and instore. Alex Ingham, Managing Director said: “We are very keen from a Social Responsibility side of the business to try to offer as much product based on helping the environment. We are starting to see an increase in customers searching for vegan boots through our web store, both from UK and international buyers.


“We feel strongly about Amblers Safety and its benefits. Value for money and up-to-date styling, as well as giving a wide variety of choice on fit-for-purpose styles, has a great benefit for our customers. It’s another positive step for a very forward-thinking company, with a great heritage.”


Lewis Hanson, Website Content Manager at MI Supplies said: “Official V-Label accreditation will take away the worry of wondering if something truly is what it says it is or having to make enquiries as to how the product was made. It also gives customers reassurance that because no animal products were used, the product hasn’t suffered in quality.”



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