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Growth chances could lie behind Brexit concerns

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Written by: Willans LLP Solicitors | Posted 06 July 2016 8:24

Growth chances could lie behind Brexit concerns
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A post-Brexit poll by Business West is unanimous – Gloucestershire companies need a clear plan for business going forward and strong leadership.

More than 200 companies in the South West have responded to the questionnaire from Business West following the EU vote.

“It is absolutely clear that the Gloucestershire companies who replied to our poll believe that the Government needs to develop a plan for business post Brexit as quickly as possible,” said Ian Mean, Business West’s Gloucestershire director.

“A plan for business stability and strong leadership appear to be our Gloucestershire members’ priorities.

“Some have already made decisions to halt investment in their business until a clearer picture of Government policy emerges and a new prime minister is appointed.”

He added: “Our members are demanding clear plans for business, no more, no less.”

The impact of the vote has been interpreted many different ways, and not just within Europe.

Qing Ling, who runs the Gloucestershire-based Join in China helping county firms do business in the East Asian giant, said Brexit was a hot topic there as well.

“I landed in Beijing just as the Brexit result was being announced and as you can imagine, many of the conversations I had with Chinese businesses, Chinese government members and British expats was about the future between the UK & China post Brexit,” said Ms Ling.

“I have come to the conclusion that although the next few months may be turbulent, the result will be positive regarding trade between the UK and China.

“I believe that we now have the ability to negotiate a trade agreement freely with China and considering China’s respect for British products and services can only be positive for the country and it’s economy.

“The other potential growth will hopefully be the relaxation of tourist visas.

“Tourist visas are difficult to gain for Chinese visitors, so hopefully in the near future it will be easier for Chinese holiday makers to discover how beautiful the Cotswolds are for themselves and with a higher average spend than other international tourists it certainly makes sense to welcome them.”

“I have returned from a business summit in China and the appetite for UK culture and business partnerships is as strong as ever.

“The spotlight is on the UK and it is in all our best interests to promote what a wonderfully diverse and exciting country we live in.”

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