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Pioneering pharmacy helps spot early signs of dementia in customers

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 23 March 2016 15:00

Pioneering pharmacy helps spot early signs of dementia in customers

A village pharmacy which has been at the leading edge of the medical profession for years has been recognised for its customer service.

Margaret Hook, of Banwell Village Pharmacy, collected the Customer Service prize at the Bristol and Bath Women in Business Awards.

The awards are held in association with UWE Bristol and the category was sponsored by GWR.

Margaret has been a pharmacist for 36 years and always been a pioneer in the profession.

She was among the first to qualify as independent prescribers of medication as part of the drive to put pharmacies on the frontline of healthcare.

Last year she ran a pilot scheme asking patients questions to gage whether they had difficultly with memory. Those who did were referred to their GP for dementia assessment to improve early diagnosis of the growing condition.

Her team has also run a similar pilot around spotting signs of kidney disease, where early diagnosis could save lives.

Speaking after the awards ceremony at the Bristol City Centre Marriott, she said: “I’m really pleased and very proud of my team because we all provide an amazing service to our community and have done for years.

“My customers when they heard I was nominated all wanted to vote for me and were very cross that they couldn’t vote!”

She added: “I’ve always striven to be someone on the leading edge.

“I love the pharmacy, trying to help people understand the physical nature of their condition as well as the medical and how they can help themselves because so much time is spent by doctors diagnosing, they don’t have the time to spend with patients to explain what it all means.”

Margaret believes pharmacists play a vital role in the medical service.

“If I had qualified as a doctor I might have seen 20 or 30 people a day,” she said, “as a pharmacist I can see way over 100.”

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The finalists

Kirsty Hassan

Colston’s School, Bristol

Kirsty goes the extra mile to help prospective parents who may not have set foot in an independent school before. She has trained staff and led a refresh of the school identity. She impresses visitors with her courtesy and remembers details about people’s lives. Applicants to the school are up as a result.

Theresa Lane

Grosvenor Casino, Bristol

Theresa’s approach as general manager of the Grosvenor Casino in Anchor Road is customer focused. Mystery shopped feedback is positive and changes to the venue have proved popular. In response to customer demand, it is now the only casino in the group which serves Thatcher’s cider on tap!

Margaret Hook receives her award from sponsor GWR

Pictured: Margaret Hook receives her award from sponsor GWR

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