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Vitruvius Completes 44,000sq ft lorry park for Cotteswold Dairy expansion

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 23 March 2017 13:32

Vitruvius Completes 44,000sq ft lorry park for Cotteswold Dairy expansion
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A new 44,000sq ft lorry park built to hold 20 articulated and 17 rigid lorries has now been completed at Cotteswold Dairy’s headquarters in Tewkesbury.

The bulk of the dairy’s lorry fleet has now been moved to the purpose-built lorry park to free up space for development on the main Diary site to include a new cold store, welfare and office facilities.

The dairy was initially looking to extend its current buildings and needed a project manager to oversee the construction process.

Cheltenham-based Vitruvius was recommended and suggested the dairy first look at master planning the whole site to ensure the dairy’s property plans would meet their business objectives for the next five to 20 years.

The site currently comprises a production facility, cold storage, distribution centre, transport, head office and depot functions and has evolved on the same site for more than 45 years.

“We could see that bolting on a couple of buildings would not be in the Dairy’s best interests,” explained Mark Price, managing director of Vitruvius.

“In a few years they’d need more space and would have no room for growth. By creating the new Lorry Park, we’ve freed up the existing parking area for Phase 1 of the new development.”

By master planning the site, Vitruvius and the team have provided solution which allows the dairy to operate as normal during construction of the lorry park and forthcoming demolition.

This February and March will see the demolition of seven units at the front of the site. The work includes the safe removal of any asbestos elements and the management of services including gas, electricity, water and drainage.

The new park includes an attenuation tank, consisting of 250m or 120mm diameter underground pipework, supplied by Polypipe, and a 1500kva HV substation providing power supply for each lorry.

Specialist 6m acoustic fence panelling has been used around the perimeter to reduce noise.


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