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Bristol business My Action Replay means you can re-live your sporting glories on video... over and over again

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 07 July 2015 15:47

Bristol business My Action Replay means you can re-live your sporting glories on video... over and over again
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Ever scored a goal you were convinced as a good as Messi, or launched a passing shot Andy Murray would be proud of?

Now, thanks to one sporting couple, you can record that moment to watch in the bar, share on Facebook or bore your friends with for eternity.

Barnaby and Emily Kent have set up My Action Replay, based at the Engine Shed in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

They have already installed the system in six Goals Soccer Centres, including two in Bristol and one in Los Angels, and a number of local sports clubs.

They install one or more cameras at key locations round the pitch and when a big moment happens, players press the big red Re-Reel button at pitch-side.

This then records the last few moments which they can download and keep.

Barnaby, 38, said the idea came to him as a boy playing cricket in the back garden.

“I wanted to know whether I looked like Ian Botham when I batted,” he said. “I tried to take photos but it didn’t work.

“I thought there should be a simple way to do this and now, more than 20 years later, the technology means it is possible.”

Barnaby, who become a keen rower and rugby player, went on to take an Msci in computer science at Bristol University before working for Simulation Systems Ltd in Yatton.

Now he’s putting all the technical experience to use making his childhood idea a reality.

Emily, 37, worked in fundraising and has spent the past 10 years raising their four children and was keen to get back to work, so the time was right to launch their business.

“I’m using skills now that I learned before I had children,” she said. “And the multi-tasking skills you learn when you have children,” she said.

The cameras are already proving popular with amateur sportsmen and women.

“Someone said to me how is it different than having someone holding an iPad recording the game... well you don’t have to have someone holding an iPad,” said Barnaby.

The other benefit is you don’t have to wade through hours of content. When you push the button it simply saves the action from the past few moments. In football it’s ususally set to 15 seconds, while at Redpoint Climbing Centre in SSS it’s a minute, to capture the moment people reach the summit.

Barnaby said the system is great for clubs as it creates more engagement, keeps people in the bar if they broadcast the footage on a big screen, and gives them great content to share on social media.

Key to the success of the business, will be getting there first.

Barnaby said: “I’m convinced this will be something people do. We’ve got to make sure we are the ones who get their first. We need to establish ourselves as the market leaders.”

Pictured: Emily and Barnaby Kent with the Re-Reel button at Backwell Tennis Club, where their My Action Replay system has been installed

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