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Bristol-based online food marketplace business launches crowdfunding campaign

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 09 March 2018 16:36

Bristol-based online food marketplace business launches crowdfunding campaign


An online platform which enables users to shop from the best of Bristol’s independent food retailers and producers, is looking to expand across the South West and into London.

Good Sixty’s hopes to raise £150,000 through Crowdcube’s fundraising platform and the government’s SEIS investment scheme.

The funds will help facilitate the planned expansion and further enhance the functionality of the site.

Using the latest technology, the Good Sixty website allows busy people to browse and buy from independent stores and have it delivered to their door.

The number of independents listed on the website has expanded to more than 70 and sales have grown by an average of 15 per cent month-on-month since launch.

The company says that by enabling independent food stores and producers to compete online not only are they helping the city’s high streets thrive, but are contributing to creating wealthier, better-connected communities.

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Good Sixty co-founder Chris Edwards said: “I’m amazed by the amount of great independent shops and small-scale producers out there. Many people want to support their local high streets but simply don’t have the time to buy groceries from specialist shops or hunt out their local producers.

“Good Sixty and the service we provide will become an essential tool for these great independent food businesses in this digital age, helping these retailers and producers share their passion and build on their loyal customer base”.

He explained that through the crowdfunding campaign, Good Sixty will enable more retailers and producers to compete fairly online with the big players.

He added: “There are over 40,000 retailers across the UK that fit the Good Sixty model and all would benefit from being listed on the site.

“Collectively they are a force to be reckoned with as Good Sixty has the potential to bring them all together in one place online. This would connect them with new customers and allow their existing ones to shop from them more frequently.”



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