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Bristol business launches scheme to plug tech skills gap in region

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 25 September 2018 16:11

Bristol business launches scheme to plug tech skills gap in region

A Bristol recruitment business has launched a programme to address the tech skills shortage in the region.

Opus Talent Solutions has partnered with universities in the South West and Bristol City Council to run the “_nology” scheme.

The 12-month long programme will teach candidates tech and business skills, and help them gain experience delivering tech projects before they start work.

Every candidate taking part on the course will also be guaranteed a role at the end of the scheme.

Amy Golding, chief executive of Opus, says the programme aims to “bust the myth” that careers in tech are only for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) specialists and address the lack of diversity in tech (only 15 per cent of tech specialists are female and one per cent are black).

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She said “The problem is at epic proportions and the government last year estimated that the shortfall costs the economy
£63 billion a year.

“There is a huge tech skills gap and so we want to do something more radical about it.

“That’s why we’re launching
_nology. To create the next generation of tech specialists we need to go beyond the current talent pool and the stark statistics show this needs to happen now.

The programme will have its first intake in October.

Amy added: By taking candidates through a 12-month development scheme it will help companies find the most suitable raw talent and enable career conversions for those from any background.”

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