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Bristol is UK’s 'most productive' tech cluster

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 12 September 2018 15:40

Bristol is UK’s 'most productive' tech cluster

Bristol is now the most competitive and productive tech cluster in the UK, according to a new report by Tech Nation.

Bristol and Bath’s tech cluster has raised its profile across Europe in the last year, being ranked 12th in Atomico’s State of European Tech list of European cities by capital invested in 2017.

Bristol also has the highest digital tech turnover per person in the UK at £320,000.

Tech business Graphcore, a company that has spun out of Bristol University, raised $80million in 2017, while Bristol-based Ultrahaptics raised $23million last year.

Dr George Windsor, insights lead at Tech Nation, believes there are a number of resons for Bristol's high productivity.

He said: "It may be that advanced manufacturing and hard-tech firms associated with sub-sectors like aerospace and telecommunications - which are more densely clustered in and around Bristol - are able to capitalise on these clustering effects to a greater extent than other tech companies, resulting in Bristol’s very high digital tech turnover per employee.”

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Tech Nation research reveals that there is a productivity power path from London to the mouth of the River Severn, running along the M4 corridor and spreading to Southampton and Portsmouth.

This helps Bristol and Bath, in particular, by connecting them to established tech firms in Reading and the Thames Valley.

MB Christie, chief operating officer at Tech Nation, said: “Bristol is one of the most exciting tech clusters in the country right now and has the most productive sector when measured by digital turnover by employee.

"There is a fantastic talent pool here, fed by the universities of Bristol and Bath as well as the engineering heritage in the area. It’s exciting to see Bristol’s startups pushing ahead in semi-conductor technology and in quantum computing.”

Nigel Toon, co-founder and CEO of Graphcore, added: “We have attracted some of the world’s biggest investors while being based in Bristol.

"Our connections with London and with Silicon Valley are strong and we are proud of being at the centre of one of the most exciting and dynamic innovation hubs in the UK right now.”

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