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Insurance business LV and Bristol University create 'artificial intelligence' partnership

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 25 March 2019 15:43

Insurance business LV and Bristol University create 'artificial intelligence' partnership

Insurance businesss LV General Insurance and the University of Bristol are working together to make advancements in data science.

As part of the partnership, LVGI is basing a team of data scientists and data engineers at the university’s School of Engineering and Computing.

The teams, which will work with researchers from the the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, will carry out development projects to learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Staff from the insurer will also supervise student projects and conduct lectures.

Steve Treloar, LVGI chief executive, said: “We’re incredibly proud to help play a part in developing the data scientists of tomorrow.

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“The University of Bristol is one of the best in the country with exceptionally strong expertise in data science and digital.”

Professor Guy Orpen, deputy vice chancellor for New Campus Development added: “The innovative nature of the relationship, spanning multiple faculties, research and teaching will provide an invaluable forum for tackling some of the greatest societal and economic problems of our time.

"Our students and staff will have a fantastic opportunity to work with and learn from an innovative sector leader.

WThe partnership will be a key component in fulfilling our vision as we develop a world-class venue for research, partnership and innovation at our new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus.”

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