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New gigabit network promising digital solution for Gloucester and Cheltenham

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 17 October 2017 10:49

New gigabit network promising digital solution for Gloucester and Cheltenham

Bought into the promise of the on-line economy and tired of waiting around for the infrastructure to catch up? A partnership involving a Cheltenham business could well have the answer.

Spa town-based ICT company, Bamboo Technology Group Ltd has teamed up with alternative network provider, CityFibre, promising to bring businesses full-fibre in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

In other words, while others wait around for national network provider Open Reach to deliver or a state-funded option to arrive the above partnership promises to deliver access ultrafast internet speeds.

Nick Gray, city development manager at CityFibre, said: “Poor connectivity has been an issue for businesses across Gloucester and Cheltenham for a number of years and there’s a recognised need to invest to meet the demands of the digital age, where slow and unreliable connectivity can be a real barrier to local businesses.

“We’ve successfully rolled out full-fibre infrastructure across the UK, including Bristol in 2016, and our expansion into two new areas will help the region reach its digital potential.

“Our investment in Gloucester and Cheltenham will stand to give businesses and services a modern foundation for growth, investment and innovation and a proven toolkit for increased efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.”

Pictured: Nick Gray (left), David Mackinnon of Cheltenham Racecourse, Lorrin White of Bamboo and Dorian Wragg of Bruton Knowles at a recent Get Connected/Circle2Success event at which CityFibre and Bamboo revealed whith partnership plans

Businesses in Staverton and Quedgeley are also expected to benefit from the new network.

Lorrin White, managing director of Bamboo added: “We’re excited to offer businesses across the area truly affordable, ultrafast fibre connectivity for the first time.

“With over 85 per cent of businesses we spoke to expressing an interest in affordable 500Mbps, there is clearly a growing appetite and need for the service.”

“We have a wealth of industry in this area, and sectors like science and technology have made huge leaps in the region in recent years. We must have the infrastructure to allow these industries to continue to thrive.”

A recent survey conducted by the company and Bamboo revealed more than 60 per cent of businesses had internet connection below 50Mbps.

With the modern full-fibre infrastructure introduced by CityFibre in place businesses across the area would have access to almost unlimited bandwidth, with 500Mbps and 1Gbps internet services.

CityFibre’s networks connect 28,000 public sites, 7,800 mobile masts, 280,000 businesses and 4.0 million homes and it is listed in AIM.

Visit or to register an interest.

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