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PinPointMedia's Sponsorship of Gloucestershire rugby squad is fitting tribute to late friend

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 20 April 2017 12:13

PinPointMedia's Sponsorship of Gloucestershire rugby squad is fitting tribute to late friend
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Sponsorship of a county rugby team’s shirt is a proud – and emotional – moment for the boss of a county-based media firm, who has opened up about why he is backing the squad.

PinPointMedia has been unveiled as the latest firm to put its name to the shirts of the University of Gloucestershire's varsity rugby team.

For Oliver Bruce, founder of PinPointMedia, there are personal reason for backing the squad.

“It is an enormous privileged to be able to sponsor the University of Gloucestershire RFC. Having been a student at the university myself sponsoring the team has even more purpose and meaning,” said Mr Bruce.

“One of the main reasons PinPointMedia has decided to partner with the University is due to the loss of ‘old boy’ and close friend of mine Arthur Mason whom passed away in a farming accident in 2014.

“Arthur’s father Hugh Mason (Mr Hugh’s Oil) has been working with the university since the passing.

“To be able to feature alongside Arthur's family brand on what would have been Arthur’s team shirt means a lot.”

PinPointMedia is also currently documenting the journey of the squad to varsity through film with the final cut being released for public viewing later this year.

Daniel Jarvis, a student at the University of Gloucestershire, said: “Varsity is the biggest event on the university’s sporting calendar. It is a match that the selected squad puts hours and hours worth of training into over a six week programme.

“It is great for us to be able to use the excellent services that PinPointMedia can supply us with, as a way of promoting our varsity experience and also the all-round good work that our club does.

“This will not only help us promote ourselves within the university, it can also allow us to reach out to a wider audience which is something as a club we are always looking to do.”

Phil Llewellyn, ex-University of Gloucestershire head coach, said: “We are delighted to be able to use the outstanding services of PinPointMedia to increase the profile of the university rugby club as part of the strategic development of the club and its provision to the university.

“To be able to link up with UoG alumni to benefit the current students is in true college spirit and we hope to develop this relationship further as the partnership moves forward.

“A common love of our friend Arthur, the rugby club and the good that can come from positive people working together is an exciting proposition.”

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