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Dale Vince, boss of Forest Green Rovers and Ecotricity injured in bike crash

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Written by: Ben Falconer | Posted 27 April 2017 7:56

Dale Vince, boss of Forest Green Rovers and Ecotricity injured in bike crash

Eco-tycoon Dale Vince has broken his foot and injured his hand in a motorcycle crash.

The founder of Ecotricity and chairman of Forest Green Rovers FC is known to many for the fleet of electric cars his staff use and a BMW i8 but he is a big fan of two wheeled transport too.

That will be on hold for a while however, and he missed the club’s end-of-season awards at the weekend. He is believed to have suffered the injuries in an off-road tumble.

Mr Vince started Ecotricity with one wind turbine at Lynch Knoll, next to a motocross track where scrambles were run from the 1950s and trials and motocross competitions continue to be organised.

In 2009 he told the Telegraph that his best buy was “A £500 Ducati single cylinder motorbike I bought 30 years ago. I went all over Europe on that bike and I'm just having it restored.”

He has been seen around the town in the past on Ducati and KTM models.

It comes at a busy time for both his major concerns, as Ecotricity expects proposals for the Eco Park business park and new ground for Forest Green Rovers to be considered by Stroud District Council this summer, and the club is set to try and win promotion to the Football League via the National League play-offs.

A spokesman for the Auto Cycle Union Western, which regulates off-road motorcycle sport in Gloucestershire, wished Mr Vince well.

“I don’t know what has happened in this situation and he may not have been competing in an event but there is the odd occasion when a rider may suffer an injury like this because of the inherent nature of the risk involved in riding off-road,” he said.

“All activity carries with it some risk and we wish Mr Vince well in his recovery.”

Ecotricity declined to comment on the ‘private’ matter. He is expected to be able to make it to Forest Green Rover’s crucial end-of-season games.


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