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Two Gloucestershire energy tycoons have charge of majority of UK electric car plug-in network

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Written by: The Business | Posted 07 August 2017 14:00

Two Gloucestershire energy tycoons have charge of majority of UK electric car plug-in network

A new energy tycoon has stepped into the market place for electric vehicle charging, meaning two Gloucestershire businessmen now own or have a partnership with the owners of the majority of the country’s network.

Ecotricity, owned by Dale Vince, long ago put its money where its mouth was on charging points, with its own network now covering almost all of the UK’s service stations.  

Last year it began charging for the service in an effort to push out the hybrid car drivers in favour of electric only users with website Zap Map – which allows drivers to locate all charge points UK-wide regardless of service provider – claims cost per charge is roughly £3.

But now Stephen Fitzpatrick, who found founded OVO Energy in 2009 in Gloucestershire and still lives in the county, has announced a partnership with Chargemaster, what his company bills as “UK’s biggest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure”.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, chief executive officer of OVO, which is now based in Bristol, said: “Mass adoption of electric vehicles will completely revolutionise the energy sector as the number of cars on UK roads reach one million in the next five years.

“Working with Chargemaster, and combining ChargedEV and Indra’s technical expertise to develop a smart charging solution utilising our ground-breaking VNet technology, we will help solve some of the challenges faced with the growing demand for electricity.

“We will also provide our customers with a complete at-home and on-the-go energy solution, enabling zero-carbon driving.”

OVO Energy will become the exclusive energy supplier to Chargemaster and its POLAR network, the largest charging network for electric vehicles in the UK, supplying one hundred percent renewable electricity to its public charge points.

EV Everywhere is the only tariff to bundle 100 per cent renewable household energy with free membership to the POLAR network of more than 5,000 charge points throughout the country – which is claims provides the best value one-stop household and electric vehicle plan on the market today.

According to the firm it is a move towards building a “complete ‘grid smart’ charging solution for electric vehicles”.

Ultimately, says the firm, enabling OVO Energy customers’ electric vehicles to function as mobile batteries at home and on-the-go, balancing renewable energy on the grid and allowing drivers to sell back unused energy.

To accelerate this transition to smart charging, OVO has also acquired electric vehicle charge point specialists, ChargedEV and Indra Renewable Technologies, an electric vehicle components and services supplier, and is harnessing their technical expertise combined with Chargemaster’s, to develop a game-changing smart charger, due to be launched to market later in 2017.

Recent scandals over the true emissions figures of diesel vehicles and advances in technology are expected to accelerate the popularity of the electric vehicle.

According to major car marque Nissan electric vehicle charge points to outnumber petrol stations by 2020.

According to Chargemaster by 2020 there could be over 250,000 EV drivers in the UK. 

Chargemaster describes itself as "the UK’s biggest name in electric vehicle charging, trusted by thousands of owners, businesses and councils; with over 50,000 customers across the UK and Europe".


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