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Bristol University students tackle global challenges at Airbus summer academy

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 06 July 2018 14:45

Bristol University students tackle global challenges at Airbus summer academy

Two Bristol Uni students were among 50 young people from 20 countries invited to attend an Airbus-run business academy at Cranfield University last week.

The Airnovation Summer Academy brought together students from 24 Airbus-partner universities, including Bristol University, for a one-week programme exploring the principles of a business accelerator.

This year, teams were put together to develop business proposals to address the global need for food and water security.

Airbus experts in engineering and digital technologies showed the students how to apply innovation methods to develop their proposals - and then the students pitched their ideas Dragons’ Den-style to a panel.

Airbus’s chief human resources officer, Thierry Baril, says the academy offers the opportunity for future aerospace professionals to learn how to keep sector relevant to society, while transforming and reinventing the industry.

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He said: “At Airbus, we believe that the technology to radically change the world is within our grasp, and we will need talented people who can harness new tools, a new mindset, and work effectively in diverse and multi-disciplinary teams.

“The network and the skills that students will develop, while creating imaginative and practical responses to critical world challenges, will be invaluable for their future careers,”

Bristol University student Ilham Said added: “The importance of prioritising smart and affordable solutions using a human-centred perspective is crucial in the Aerospace Industry. I think this is possible by adopting disruptive technology, changing the business model and collaborating beyond boundaries.”

The initiative is part of Airbus’s commitment to working with education providers to develop the skills and competencies needed for the future of the industry.



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